The Meeting Expense Tracker

I felt like banging out a little tool this afternoon after seeing someone asking if anything like this exists on Facebook. Enter your meeting attendees' names and wages, start the timer, and see how much money you're spending. It's lacking... »

Selenium, Facebook WebDriver, and Stale Elements.

This post aims to explain how and why stale element exceptions occur, and how I went about resolving issues surrounding it. If you're only interested in the solution, click here. Recently I was writing and running Selenium tests for a... »

Efficiently Summing the Highest Values in an Array With JS

Earlier today I ran into a problem posed as an interview question. At a glance it seems simple, but it's an open ended question. It leaves room for programmers to express different solutions and degrees of aptitude. The problem went... »

Practical Examples of Authentication in Meteor 1.0

My first dive into Meteor.js has been great. I'm starting to hit that point though (as you do with a full stack framework) where the default behaviours don't suit requirements. In this case my client doesn't like the default... »