What's this?

As the URL implies, this is writing by Steve Adams — me.

I'm a software developer living in Victoria, BC, Canada. I'm currently building and maintaining the core API, frontend tools, and services for dot big bang — a multiplayer creative platform for people to design, program, share, and play games together — in the browser! Check it out, it's amazing.

I like to write in order to understand things better. I learn best by doing things, so I'll often set out to do a thing in order to learn it. Sometimes I'll write about it after to crystalize everything, and it'll wind up here.

Outside of work and writing this garbage, I spend time with my family. I've got 3 kids who I like to subject to all kinds of nerd-dad-stuff stuff like electronics, telescopes, video games, quadcopters, 3d printing, and generally building stuff. We also get out for camping, snowshoeing, swimming/diving, and some mountain biking.